From Growth to Acquisition

In our six year tenure at DevelopIntelligence (DI), we created and implemented an overall B2B marketing strategy to grow 20%+ YOY, implemented organic campaigns to drive 20% YOY traffic growth, and designed and implemented an internal remote SDR team driving MQL growth consistently 130%+ YOY growth. This system helped DI get acquired by Pluralsight.

You know when you spot the hidden gem - the rockstar that will help you get to the next level? Well - that's this team. When they joined us, we were struggling to get beyond single-digit YoY growth. During their tenure at DI, and their work leading our marketing strategy and lead generation teams, we experienced 30% annualized growth for 4 years. Beyond that, they truly works with the partner and business owner mindset and is an amazing asset to building company culture. I would highly recommend them if you're looking for someone to bring the growth engine to you!

Kelby Zorgrdager

CEO, DevelopIntelligence