2024 Will be Game Changer for SDR World

Earlier this quarter, (one of our go-to tools), the email outreach platform, sent an email to their customers that has the sales world buzzing. The message includes new changes in email rules from Gmail and Yahoo, and how it will affect businesses sending mass email campaigns.

Two key highlights:

  • Any organization account sending more than 5000 emails per day will be categorized as "bulk sender." This includes any emails sent, not just automated ones
  • Any company labeled bulk sender with a "abuse/spam" report rate of more than 0.3% will have all outgoing emails blocked for an (as of now) undetermined amount of time.

Here's the full email that they sent out to their subscribers:

Overall, this is going to mean massive changes not just for SDRs/BDRs, but the entire sales prospecting landscape moving forward. We've already talked to many like-minded teams in the industry and companies are already trying to figure out next steps to keep email health numbers up in 2024 and beyond.

If you or your company are using one domain to blast 1,000s of emails every day, it’s time to rethink your email strategy. (note: this even includes large companies with a lot of team members sending smaller volumes each as well)

Here are some things you can do:

  • Send more personalized emails.
  • Use multiple domains to send emails from.
  • Send less than 60 emails/day per domain.
  • Use warm-up tools to warm up email sending domains.
  • Avoid using a lot of links in your emails.
  • Use spintax to “personalize” emails.

The good news? This change will week out the low effort competition, and force sales reps to get more creative. Fewer spam emails in email inboxes = more room for high quality emails.

And the better news? Our fp90 and fp365 service offerings already planned for these changes and can still help your organization grow its bottom line without the worry of being on the wrong side of email servers. Let's chat today on srategies!

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