7 Effective B2B Marketing Tactics for Tech Companies

In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B marketing for tech companies, strategies must be innovative and effective. We've gathered insights from founders, CEOs, and directors, focusing on tactics like leveraging targeted outbound marketing and optimizing cold email outreach. Here are the seven cutting-edge tips they recommend for a successful B2B marketing campaign in 2024.

  • Leverage Targeted Outbound Marketing
  • Utilize LinkedIn's B2B Capabilities
  • Engage Audiences with Podcasts
  • Emphasize Personalization in Content
  • Collaborate for Joint Content Creation
  • Incorporate Influencer Marketing
  • Optimize Cold Email Outreach

Leverage Targeted Outbound Marketing

In the B2B market, outbound marketing channels—such as sponsored social media posts and paid advertisements—are crucial for producing direct leads. These platforms benefit from targeted reach, enabling you to interact with the appropriate leads quickly.

Utilize LinkedIn's B2B Capabilities

If you are a B2B tech company that is not using LinkedIn for marketing, you are missing a huge opportunity. No other platform gives you direct access to your target audience when they are in “work” mode. Using tools such as Sales Navigator with LinkedIn ads can work together to deliver the right ads to the right leads. It's a must in 2024.

Engage Audiences with Podcasts

Podcasts are an effective marketing tool for sharing knowledge, telling stories, and reaching specific audiences. In the B2B industry, podcasts play various roles, from establishing thought leadership and enhancing brand presence to actively engaging with your audience.

What makes podcasts so appealing? They are convenient, allowing busy professionals to listen at any time and place. Podcasts offer a platform for real conversations with insights from industry leaders, potential clients, and peers. This audio format provides a deeper and more captivating exploration of topics than most written blogs or social media posts.

When integrating podcasts into your marketing plan, first, pick topics that connect with your audience’s challenges and interests, ensuring these topics reflect your brand’s expertise. Next, consider featuring guest appearances. Invite industry experts, clients, or partners to your podcast for varied viewpoints and added credibility. Lastly, use your other marketing avenues like social media, email newsletters, and webinars to promote your podcast episodes.

Emphasize Personalization in Content

Personalization is going to be critical for 2024. While segmentation has always been important, with the heavy influence of artificial intelligence on written copy, people online will feel more distant than ever from online content. The only way to combat such problems is by leaning heavily into personalization through segmented email campaigns or by introducing personal narratives into your branding.

Email personalization allows you to target leads with the information they want, when they want it. You no longer have to worry about creating universally appealing emails when you can hone in on your clients' needs.

And when including a personal narrative into your company's branding, you're putting a face or a name to your business. The online world is so impersonal that when you start interjecting yourself into content, you immediately set yourself apart from your competitors.

Collaborate for Joint Content Creation

Collaborating with other tech companies or industry experts to create joint content, such as e-books or industry reports, can establish tech companies as industry leaders. Through collective knowledge, cross-promotion, and reaching new audiences, this tactic offers unique opportunities for success in B2B marketing. 

For example, a cybersecurity tech company could collaborate with a leading IT infrastructure provider to create an authoritative report on the future of data privacy, combining their expertise and gaining exposure to each other's customer bases.

Incorporate Influencer Marketing

In 2024, one B2B marketing tactic that I believe will have a high chance of success for tech companies is influencer marketing. With the rise of social media and the increasing influence of online personalities, partnering with relevant influencers can help tech companies reach their target audience in a more authentic and engaging way. 

By collaborating with influencers who have a strong following in the tech industry, we can leverage their credibility and expertise to promote our products or services. This tactic allows us to tap into the trust and loyalty that influencers have built with their audience, ultimately driving brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing conversions. 

However, it's important to carefully select influencers who align with our brand values and have a genuine interest in our offerings, ensuring a more meaningful and effective partnership.

Optimize Cold Email Outreach

B2B marketing will come down to three things: who created it, how many people you can get in touch with, and whether you are getting in touch with relevant people

The most reliable and cost-effective way to target these people and fulfill all three requirements is through cold email outreach.

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